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How does the HydroSweep™ Pro Aquatic Current Device (ACD) work?

The HydroSweep™ Pro Aquatic Current Device (ACD) is a fully adjustable dock-mounted thruster that keeps waterfronts, dock areas, and ponds clean from algae, trash, and decaying surface debris by mimicking natural water movement.

When installed 12 inches off the waterfront floor, the HydroSweep™ Pro ACD produces optimal results, leaving a clean shoreline for you and your family.

How far is the HydroSweep™ Pro ACD effective?

The range of the HydroSweep™ Pro ACD varies depending upon factors such as water depth and lake topography. However, many customers experience an effective range of about 50-feet from where the HydroSweep™ Pro unit is installed, or a 100-foot diameter total.

Is the HydroSweep™ Pro ACD programmable?

Yes. The ACD unit can be programmed to stop between any two desired locations, offering full programmability between 1° and 360°.  The HydroSweep™ Pro is also fully adjustable on a 360° turning radius.

How heavy is the HydroSweep™ Pro ACD?

A complete HydroSweep™ Pro ACD weighs 72 pounds.

Do I need electricity at my dock?

Yes. SafeShore® recommends that a minimum of a 15-amp/120-volt circuit is available at the shoreline. For your safety, this circuit must also be equipped with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) and should be properly installed by a licensed electrician

How much energy does the HydroSweep™ Pro ACD consume?

The HydroSweep™ Pro ACD draws 7.2 amps and 864 watts under normal operating conditions. This is less energy than the typical toaster or dishwasher.

Where is the HydroSweep™ Pro ACD manufactured?

The HydroSweep ™ Pro ACD is manufactured by SafeShore®, a family-owned business, operating in Chanhassen, MN. At the SafeShore® facility, our technicians manufacture and assemble each HydroSweep™ Pro ACD with precise detail. More than 75 percent of our materials are sourced locally through suppliers and manufacturers in the Midwest.

Does the purchase of a HydroSweep™ Pro ACD require a permit?

No. SafeShore® has worked closely with the Department of Natural Resources to ensure that the HydroSweep™ Pro ACD remains an effective way to maintain waterfront and wildlife health. The unit is legal for use and purchase in all 50 states and Canada. Some states have regulations that make it unlawful to hydraulically excavate and forcefully uproot muck and vegetation. The HydroSweep™ Pro ACD is intended to mimic the natural movements of lakes, rivers, and streams; it is not to be used to disturb lake bottoms. Improper use of the HydroSweep™ Pro ACD resulting in violations of state regulations may lead to fines or other penalties. Therefore, you should be aware of the laws in your state regarding this topic and the positioning of your HydroSweep™ Pro unit.

Is there any maintenance required for the HydroSweep™ Pro ACD?

The HydroSweep™ Pro ACD has low maintenance requirements. Debris may become stuck in the plastic propeller or pump periodically due to suspended solids in the water. Should this occur, shut off the unit, disconnect the unit from its power source, and remove the debris.

During extended storage periods, SafeShore® recommends the HydroSweep Pro is stored indoors with the propeller of the motor facing down.

Does SafeShore® offer a solar/battery-powered option for the HydroSweep™ Pro?

No, the only option for powering the HydroSweep™ Pro is through A/C power.

Are there any risks involved with the HydroSweep™ Pro ACD?

As with all electronic equipment, there are some basic precautions that should be implemented with HydroSweep™ Pro units to avoid injury and product damage. To better ensure your safety, SafeShore® recommends that a licensed electrician perform the power installation for the ACD. Additionally, the unit should be powered off if swimmers are nearby. SafeShore® also offers a screen kit that can be installed to help prevent accidental contact with the propeller. Click here to contact your closest dealer for more information on how to purchase a screen kit.

Is there a warranty for the HydroSweep™ Pro ACD?

SafeShore® offers a two-year limited warranty on the HydroSweep™ Pro ACD.  (Click here for complete details)

How can I contact SafeShore® for further information?

SafeShore® can be reached by telephone at 1-800-993-2114, via email at, or through our physical address at 2431 Galpin Court, Suite 140, Chanhassen, MN 55317.

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