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What is BlueGreen Algae?

Blue-green algae is cyanobacteria; which is a microorganism that is capable of photosynthesis. In other words, it is a bacterium that reproduces naturally with sunlight and can flourish in ideal conditions. These ideal conditions include stagnant water, sunlight, high nutrient availability, and warm water. After the algae blooms and begins to decay, the organism becomes harmful by releasing toxins. Blue-green algae can be harmful if ingested into your body, specifically your liver, which can lead to illnesses and even death. The HydroSweep™ Pro mimics a natural current by moving approximately 1,400 gallons of water per minute, while also aerating the lake to promote other aquatic life. Although the only way to kill blue-green algae is through chemical treatments, altering the condition of the environment that the algae is trying to live is an eco-friendly solution to prevent the bloom of harmful bacteria in a certain area.

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